2N Supporthinweise

Firmwareupdate 1.26.3 für 2N BRI, PRI und VoiceBlue Gateways

2N hat eine neue Firmwareversion für 2N GSM/UMTS BRI, PRI und VoiceBlue Gateways veröffentlicht. Die Version 1.26.3 bietet neue Funktionen und Bugfixes und ist bei uns im Downloadbreich zu finden.

The firmware platform for following 2N products is shared:
2N®VoiceBlue Next, 2N®VoiceBlue MAX, 2N®BRI Lite,
2N®BRI Enterprise, 2N®StarGate, 2N®BlueTower
Therefore all features are shared, however some may apply
for the particular product only.
—————————————————– (February/2016)
Fixes and improvements:
– WDOG restart fix (2N®StarGate/BlueTower)
– DLR over SMPP fixes (delivery timeout to SMSC/ESME after 3 tries, adjusted DELIVSM, err:000 in SMS-Delivery message)
– Optional USSD session timeout
– AT commands improvements (at&x#, at&vq#, at!rp,# – adjustable amount of tracing rows)
– Improved DTMF detection GSM->VoIP, PRI->GSM (2N®StarGate/BlueTower)
– DTMF/RTP-EVENT marker fix
– Fix of the timestamp in pcap trace
– Email2SMS fix (max. SMS per email)
– Simulated call timeout fix (with 2N®SIM Star Server)
– Improved handling of CREG:3 detection (with 2N®SIM Star Server)
(Timeout for registration->Number of registration attempts/Delay after registration denied->Regerr/Netwerr detection by 2N®SIM Star Server)
– Web compatibility with Chrome browser
– Longer web browser autorefresh after restart and upgrade
– AoC fix for calls to GSM
– NTP synchronization fix for DST
– BTS Lock view fix on web
– SDR fix for SMS over web
– Ringing timeout fix for AutoCLIP table records
– Improved compatibility with Aastra MX-ONE PBX

Betrifft: 2N VoiceBlue Max, 2N VoiceBlue Next, 2N BRI Lite, 2N BRI Enterprise