2N EntryCom IP Firmewareupdate

Firmwareupdate 2.16.0 für 2N EntryCom IP/ 2N SIP Audio veröffentlicht

2N hat eine neue Firmware für die 2N EntryCom IP Familie und 2N SIP Audio veröffentlicht. Die Firmware ist auf den Produktseiten und in unserem Downloadbereich ab sofort verfügbar:

Features – user and functionality changes

  • Motion detection improvement – new algorithm triggering less false alarms when it snows, rains etc. It might be necessary to adjust settings after upgrade.
  • Door open on incoming call from predefined number – Automation Event.CallStateChanged has new parameter Number so that you can specify what shall be done according to who is calling or being called.
  • New event Event.CardHeld which is triggered if a user holds the RFID card at the reader for specified time – you can distinguish between swiping a card and holding the card, triggering two separate actions
  • Reason for failed registration added to event logging – so that monitoring system can react accordingly or provide proper information to maintenance crew
  • Display (Vario & Verso) virtual number telephone mode – when telephone mode is off, you can dial #number# which calls the virtual number, and you see the number of the display
  • Multiple email addresses in email settings – semicolon is now accepted as separator, to match MS Outlook behaviour
  • Switch opened by time profile – this popular functionality is now available without need to use Automation. Licensing stays the same.
  • Multiple Access Keys – since a single intercom can belong to multiple groups of Indoor Touch, there is now an option to store multiple Access Keys

Features – system changes

  • Incoming call policy and settings changed – activation code has been removed. Default setting is that the device reject incoming call with BUSY message. Regardless of settings if there is already a call on the intercom, new incoming call with be rejected with BUSY message
  • License key is checked before apply – invalid key can not be applied or stored
  • Support for Snom D765
  • Support for touchscreen display module for Verso
  • Support for My2N / Mobile Video
  • RFID card reader signalisation aligned between particular models. Parameter Card reader signalling is now consistent and even display equipped models do follow settings of visual signalisation.
  • Number of event log records stored in device increased from 500 to 10.000
  • Format of email message changed, plain text sent along with HTML so that Email to SMS on 2N® Voice Blue Next works nice for SMS access control notifications


  • Access Unit stability issues
  • G.729 bad stream for Annex B version
  • When using G.729 and stream of RTP was interrupted, it took too long to recover the stream
  • HTTP API Audio part available without license key
  • Audio test accepting invalid time
  • Card reader returning invalid card number (containing only zeros)
  • Edge browser freezing on the time profiles page
  • When a large file was uploaded as user sound, device restarted
  • Too many requests from mobile app could reboot the device
  • Keypad settings missing in Access Unit
  • Testing email on Access Unit used wrong template for its content
  • Wiegand stability issues
  • DNS resolution issues
  • Too strict H264 decoder, causing some external IP cameras to not work


Grundsätzliche Hinweise zum Firmwareupgrade:

  • Vor einem Firmwareupgrade bitte die Konfiguration des Endgerätes sichern.
  • Nach Installation des Firmwareupgrades bitte Browser neu laden bzw. Cache löschen.

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Betrifft: 2N EntryCom IP Verso, 2N EntryCom IP Vario, 2N EntryCom IP Force, 2N EntryCom IP Safety2N IP AudioKit2N IP Videokit, 2N EntryCom IP Uni, 2N Access Unit, 2N SIP Audio Converter