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Update 2N IP Network Scanner auf Version 3.0.4

Update des Softwaretools 2N IP Network Scanner auf Version 3.0.4

2N® Network Scanner version 3.0.4


  • 2N® Network Scanner can find devices without IP address
  • 2N® Network Scanner can set basic network settings – DHCP on/off and set static IP address (same requirements as above) – units with this feature enabled and disabled are distinguished by color (grey ones can not be configured).
  • 2N® Network Scanner can also locate devices in other network segments, if multicasts are routed between them
  • Filtering in results
  • Name change from 2N® EntryCom IP Network Scanner to 2N® Network Scanner as it is also able to find 2N® Access Unit and 2N® Indoor Touch

Location of devices without assigned IP address and network settings do work with 2N Helios IP intercoms, 2N® Access Unit and SIP IP audio with firmware version 2.15.0 and higher. This feature does not work with 2N® Indoor Touch version 1.6 and 2.0, however these devices are still located in the network with assigned IP address.

Die neue Version ist in unserem Downloadbereich erhältlich.