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2N Access Commander Software

2N® Access Commander 1.17

Die Software 2N Access Commander ist zur Konfiguration und Verwaltung von 2N IP Sprechanlagen, des 2N Access Unit Zutrittskontrollsystem, 2N Audio- und Videokit und 2N SIP Speaker bestimmt.

Mit dieser Software können Sie zum Beispiel Anwesenheitskontrolle, Verwaltung von Benutzern, Verwaltung der Besucherkarten, Online-Überwachung der angeschlossenen Geräte durchführen und Reportings der Alarmzustände generieren.  Link zum Download auf der Seite von 2N: Software

2N® Access Commander version 1.17.0 (January/2021)

## If Access Commander is updated before IP Intercom and Access Unit firmware 2.31.x is available then some newer functions may not be fully supported. Please note the minimum supported firmware in this version is 2.29.x. Please also note that the default 2N SMTP server will no longer be available in version 1.17.0. We suggest you ensure your own SMTP server settings are defined upon update, if you have not already done so, to ensure system and notification messages continue being sent##

* New Features:

• Customisable LDAP mappings
- Admins now have the power to create customised mappings from fields in their LDAP directory to available fields in Access Commander
- This means that directory sync by LDAP may now include employee ID, avatar, additional phone numbers, RFID card numbers and PIN code, as well as the attributes which were already supported (name, e-mail address, phone number, password and login)
- The customisable schema also means that synchronisation will be possible with other directories using LDAP, not just Active Directory

• Bulk firmware update support for Indoor Touch 2.0
- Admin may now manage Indoor Touch 2.0 firmware centrally in Access Commander
- Allows considerable time-saving whilst ensuring hardware enjoys optimal performance and security

• User disabling
- Admin may set a user account to enabled or disabled status
- Whilst disabled, a user may not access doors, receive notifications, be called from an intercom or log in to their Access Commander account.
- Temporarily suspended users may quickly be disabled to suspend access whilst retaining all their data and access configuration. Access can be quickly restored by re-enabling the user
- Users disabled in Active Directory may also be disabled in Access Commander upon synchronisation

• Key functions in page headers
- Key functions are now available directly within settings pages.
- Users, devices, groups and zones can be created or deleted directly from an existing user, device, group or zone detail page
- Additional quick actions are added throughout settings pages

• Disposable user passwords
- Where no SMTP server is available, admins may create users and set a one-time, disposable password
- Disposable password can be manually sent to user by means other than email (phone call, sms, etc)
- Upon first login to Access Commander, user is required to set a new permanent password

* Improvements:
• Access Commander will perform controlled shutdown in event of a full disk
• Import from device now includes: user access restrictions, Bluetooth credentials, fingerprint, employee ID, virtual number, deputy and IP Eye address
• Clearer option to assign companies to zones
• Shorter (4 digit) Bluetooth pairing pin for pairing via USB dongle
• Lockdown events added to access log
• Improved SMTP server support

* Corrections:
• Correction in display of user presence
• Device FW may be updated from Access Commander after initial failed update
• Virtual number no longer written as virtual card ID
• Attendance mode corrections
• Error and tooltip text corrections

* Required device firmware versions for full feature support
- 2N IP intercoms: 2.31.x
- 2N Access Unit: 2.31.x

* Minimum supported firmware versions (devices prior to these versions will not be synchronised with Access Commander)
- 2N IP intercoms: 2.29.x
- 2N Access Unit: 2.29.x
- 2N Indoor Touch 2.0: 4.3.x (devices running versions prior to this will be disabled in Access Commander)


Due to the transition from Linux Debian version 7 to version 9, the ONLINE UPGRADE from 2N® Access Commander version 1.9.1 to the version 1.10.0 is NOT AVAILABLE. However, you may easily upgrade your system to the latest version following way:
(1) Run your existing 2N® Access Commander system version 1.9.1 as usual
(2) Go to the administration console of (1) and enable the SSH connection. Root password change might be requested.
(3) Install a fresh new 2N® Access Commander system version 1.10.0
(4) Go to the administration console of (3), login as root (default pass '2n', change required) and choose 'Backup and restore - Import configuration from another Access Commander'
(5) Enter the IP address and root login credentials of (1)
(6) The complete configuration backup gets uploaded to the new 2N® Access Commander, the originating system gets suspended
(7) Keep using (3), uninstall (1).

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