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2N Access Commander Software

2N® Access Commander 1.13

Die Software 2N Access Commander ist zur Konfiguration und Verwaltung von 2N IP Sprechanlagen, des 2N Access Unit Zutrittskontrollsystem, 2N Audio- und Videokit und 2N SIP Speaker bestimmt.

Mit dieser Software können Sie zum Beispiel Anwesenheitskontrolle, Verwaltung von Benutzern, Verwaltung der Besucherkarten, Online-Überwachung der angeschlossenen Geräte durchführen und Reportings der Alarmzustände generieren. 

2N® Access Commander version 1.13.0 (September/2019)

New features
* 2N Lift Access Control solution with the Axis A9188 I/O module featuring:
- Support of up to 40 floors control (up to 5x Axis A9188 with 8 outputs, connected to one 2N Access Unit/IP intercom)
- Lift control On/Off button in the Device detail (Lift module license for the 2N Access Unit/IP intercom required)
- Floors configuration in the Device detail, access based on the Floor-Zone or Floor-Public access logic
- Floors access view in the Zone detail
- Lift I/O modules view in the Device detail
- Lift I/O modules state email notifications


* Anti-passback - Added reader HW details in the Entry/Exit Access points settings
* LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory - Advanced auto import settings (hourly/daily/weekly)
* LDAP/Microsoft Active Directory - Enhanced import/one-way synchronisation reflecting the User name, Email, Phone number, Password and Login changes or newly created/deleted users from the Microsoft Active Directory in the 2N® Access Commander
* Web - Keep chosen "Filter" and "Rows per page" settings for the user while logged in
* Web - Enhanced global search including the "User number" parameter
* Added support of the USB External RFID Card Reader 125kHz (9137420E latest black version)
* Removed support of the user synchronisation with the older directory structure in 2N devices (firmware 2.24 and lower)


* Attendance view with thousands of users
* Default SMTP server
* Deputy removal after deleting the phone number
* Global search with the MAC address
* Keypad and display modules support for the Anti-passback
* Microsoft Edge support
* Offline device removal
* Removed support of special PINs 00 and 11
* Web forms, labels, fonts and translations correction

Required firmware versions for supported devices
* 2N IP intercoms 2.27.x
* 2N Access Unit 2.27.x


Due to the transition from Linux Debian version 7 to version 9, the ONLINE UPGRADE from 2N® Access Commander version 1.9.1 to the version 1.10.0 is NOT AVAILABLE. However, you may easily upgrade your system to the latest version following way:
(1) Run your existing 2N® Access Commander system version 1.9.1 as usual
(2) Go to the administration console of (1) and enable the SSH connection. Root password change might be requested.
(3) Install a fresh new 2N® Access Commander system version 1.10.0
(4) Go to the administration console of (3), login as root (default pass '2n', change required) and choose 'Backup and restore - Import configuration from another Access Commander'
(5) Enter the IP address and root login credentials of (1)
(6) The complete configuration backup gets uploaded to the new 2N® Access Commander, the originating system gets suspended
(7) Keep using (3), uninstall (1).

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