2N Indoor Touch IP – Firmware

  • Version 3.5.1
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  • Erstellungsdatum 30. Januar 2015
  • Zuletzt aktualisiert 26. März 2019

2N Indoor Touch IP - Firmware

2N® Indoor Touch

Firmware (February/2019)

New features:
- GDPR video compliance
- Optional video preview disable in the local mode (adjustable in the 2N IP intercom web configuration: Services - 2N Indoor Units - Enable Video Preview)
- Support of an external SIP Registrar configuration

- Unified generating of the default device name with 2N® Indoor Talk and 2N® Indoor Compact (2NIndoorTouch-xxxxxxxx; where x stands for the serial number)

- Compatibility with Grandstream PBX
- Compatibility with Cisco CUCM PBX
- Compatibility with My2N Mobile Video
- Call log screenshot
- Call identification in the local mode
- Local video preview streams mismatch
- Multicast video preview optimisation
- Local devices sorting in the device list
- LED signalling of the missed call
- Mutual devices discovery in the local mode
- Support of the Russian language localisation
- System stability and performance optimisation

2N® Helios IP Mobile version 4.4.3 (396) verlangt 2N IP Firmware Version 2.22 oder höher.

How to upgrade:
Option 1) Full upgrade (erases all user data) - over the micro SD card, unzip all files from the archive to the root directory of the memory card.
Option 2) Partial upgrade (keeps user data) - due to the deep changes at the system level the partial upgrade is not available.


Downloadlink: www.2n.cz/de_DE/support/dokumente/firmware#filter-category-answering-units 



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